How Many GB Of Data Does A Single Formula 1 Race Event Generate?

There are approximately 150 data source points or sensors in a formula 1 racing car. These sensors track vital stats such as brake wear, tyre life and driver biometrics.

From those 120 sensors, they transmit 3GB of data in single lap and a full-race distance generates up to 400 GB of data.

The 2014 U.S. Grand Prix collected more than 243 terabytes of data in a race weekend, and now there is even more data. Formula 1 teams are looking for newer technologies with faster ways to move and analyze their data in the cockpits and at the factory.

As of 2019, ten teams are entered for the Formula One World Championship, each entering two cars for a total of twenty cars. The regulations place a limit of twenty-six entries for the championship.

Formula 1 cars are some of the most heavily instrumented objects in the world. In 2019 a formula 1 car generates 2GB of data in one lap and 3TB in a full race.

Using its MPLS network for a secure private network connection that allows the team to transfer at least 200GB of data between UK headquarters, other facilities and the track during every race.

Data Storage Calculation

Number of sensors120
Number of data points150
Data generated in a lap3GB
Data generated in a full-race distance400GB
Number of cars20
How many GB of data is generated in a single lap60 GB (0.6 TB)
Data generated in formula 1 race event8000 TB

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