Digital Storage Units Conversion Calculator

How can digital data storage save your company time and money? Use our digital storage calculator to estimate how much storage you need. In this conversion calculator prefixes for bits and bytes (kilo, mega, giga and tera) are in binary notation rather than the common SI unit decimal notation. Here, 1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes, 1 megabyte = 1024 kilobytes, 1 gigabyte = 1024 megabytes, etc. Ever wondered how many terabytes of data you could fit on your hard drive or how many kilobytes are in a gigabyte?

Data Storage Conversion Units

Bit Conversions
Bit to Nibbles Bit to Kilobit Bit to Megabit
Bit to Gigabit Bit to Terabit Bit to Petabit
Bit to Exabit Bit to Zettabit Bit to Yottabit
Bit to Brontobit Bit to Geopbit Bit to Bytes
Bit to Kilobyte Bit to Megabyte Bit to Gigabyte
Bit to Terabyte Bit to Petabyte Bit to Exabyte
Bit to Zettabyte Bit to Yottabyte Bit to Kibibit
Bit to Mebibit Bit to Gibibit Bit to Tebibit
Bit to Pebibit Bit to Exbibit Bit to Zebibit
Bit to Yobibit Bit to Bronbibit Bit to Gebibit
Bit to Kibibyte Bit to Mebibyte Bit to Gibibyte
Bit to Tebibyte Bit to Pebibyte Bit to Exbibyte
Bit to Zebibyte Bit to Yobibyte Bit to Brontobyte
Bit to Geopbyte Bit to Bronbibyte Bit to Gebibyte
Nibble Calculator
Nibble to Bit Nibble to Kilobit Nibble to Megabit
Nibble to Gigabit Nibble to Terabit Nibble to Petabit
Nibble to Exabit Nibble to Zetta Nibble to Yottabit
Nibble to Byte Nibble to Kilobyte Nibble to Megabyte
Nibble to Gigabyte Nibble to Terabyte Nibble to Petabyte
Nibble to Exabyte Nibble to Zettabyte Nibble to Yottabyte
Nibble to Kibibit Nibble to Mebibit Nibble to Gibibit
Nibble to Tebibit Nibble to Pebibit Nibble to Exbibit
Nibble to Zebibit Nibble to Yobibit Nibble to Kibibyte
Nibble to Mebibyte Nibble to Gibibyte Nibble to Tebibyte
Nibble to Pebibyte Nibble to Exbibyte Nibble to Zebibyte
Nibble to Yobibyte Nibble to Brontobit Nibble to Bronbibit
Nibble to Brontobyte Nibble to Geopbyte Nibble to Bronbibit
Nibble to Gebibit Nibble to Bronbibyte Nibble to Gebibyte
Byte Calculator
Bytes to Nibble Bytes to Bit Bytes to Kilobit
Bytes to Megabit Bytes to Gigabit Bytes to Terabit
Bytes to Petabit Bytes to Exabit Bytes to Zettabit
Bytes to Yottabit Bytes to Brontobit Bytes to Geopbit
Bytes to Kilobyte Bytes to Megabyte Bytes to Gigabyte
Bytes to Terabyte Bytes to Petabyte Bytes to Exabyte
Bytes to Zettabyte Bytes to Yottabyte Bytes to Brontobyte
Bytes to Geopbyte Bytes to Kibibit Bytes to Mebibit
Bytes to Gibibit Bytes to Tebibit Bytes to Pebibit
Bytes to Exbibit Bytes to Zebibit Bytes to Yobibit
Bytes to Bronbibit Bytes to Gebibit Bytes to Kibibyte
Bytes to Mebibyte Bytes to Gibibyte Bytes to Tebibyte
Bytes to Pebibyte Bytes to Exbibyte Bytes to Zebibyte
Bytes to Yobibyte Bytes to Bronbibyte Bytes to Gebibyte
Kilobit Calculator
Kilobit to Bit Kilobit to Nibble Kilobit to Megabit
Kilobit to Gigabit Kilobit to Terabit Kilobit to Petabit
Kilobit to Exabit Kilobit to Zettabit Kilobit to Yottabit
Kilobit to Brontobit Kilobit to Geopbit Kilobit to Byte
Kilobit to Kilobyte Kilobit to Megabyte Kilobit to Gigabyte
Kilobit to Terabyte Kilobit to Petabyte Kilobit to Exabyte
Kilobit to Zettabyte Kilobit to Yottabyte Kilobit to Brontobyte
Kilobit to Geopbyte Kilobit to Kibibit Kilobit to Mebibit
Kilobit to Gibibit Kilobit to Tebibit Kilobit to Pebibit
Kilobit to Exbibit Kilobit to Zebibit Kilobit to Yobibit
Kilobit to Bronbibit Kilobit to Gebibit Kilobit to Kibibyte
Kilobit to Mebibyte Kilobit to Gibibyte Kilobit to Tebibyte
Kilobit to Pebibyte Kilobit to Exbibyte Kilobit to Zebibyte
Kilobit to Yobibyte Kilobit to Bronbibyte Kilobit to Gebibyte
Megabit Calculator
Megabit to Bit Megabit to Nibble Megabit to Kilobit
Megabit to Gigabit Megabit to Terabit Megabit to Petabit
Megabit to Exabit Megabit to Zettabit Megabit to Yottabit
Megabit to Brontobit Megabit to Geopbit Megabit to Geopbit Megabit to Byte
Megabit to Kilobyte Megabit to Megabyte Megabit to Gigabyte
Megabit to Terabyte Megabit to Petabyte Megabit to Exabyte
Megabit to Zettabyte Megabit to Yottabyte Megabit to Brontobyte
Megabit to Geopbyte Megabit to Kibibit Megabit to Mebibit
Megabit to Gibibit Megabit to Tebibit Megabit to Pebibit
Megabit to Exbibit Megabit to Zebibit Megabit to Yobibit
Megabit to Bronbibit Megabit to Gebibit Megabit to Kibibyte
Megabit to Mebibyte Megabit to Gibibyte Megabit to Tebibyte
Megabit to Pebibyte Megabit to Exbibyte Megabit to Zebibyte
Megabit to Yobibyte Megabit to Bronbibyte Megabit to Gebibyte
Gigabit Calculator
Gigabit to Bit Gigabit to Nibble Gigabit to Kilobit
Gigabit to Megabit Gigabit to Terabit Gigabit to Petabit
Gigabit to Exabit Gigabit to Zettabit Gigabit to Yottabit
Gigabit to Brontobit Gigabit to Geopbit Gigabit to Byte
Gigabit to Kilobyte Gigabit to Megabyte Gigabit to Gigabyte
Gigabit to Terabyte

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